Dr. Bin He

My laboratory aims to develop engineered herpesvirus (HSV) for cancer therapy, and viral vaccines. With a focus on cytokines and inflammation, one program investigates viral gene functions. Another program studies innate immunity in pathological conditions. Our contributions to sciences include: (i) virus-host interactions pertinent to cytokine responses. These studies laid out the scientific basis for oncolytic HSV recently approved by FDA for cancer therapy; (iii) Dendritic cells (DC) in virus infection. These studies provide an insight into virus-DC interactions, opening an avenue to develop viral vaccines; (iii) Inflammation and enteroviruses. This body of work has established the groundwork for potential therapeutic targets.

Degree: PhD

Title: Associate Professor

College:  College of Medicine at Chicago

Department: Microbiology and Immunology

Program: Cancer Biology

Member Type:Research Member

PubMed: link

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