Dr. Asrar Malik

The overall goal of my research is to address signalling mechanisms mediating pulmonary vascular barrier function and dysfunction and regulation by cell surface receptors and activation of signalling pathways in the endothelium. An additional objective of the laboratory is to develop and test novel strategies for drug delivery. We are specifically interested in targeting cells of the vessel wall which are critical in the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases, atherosclerosis, and cancer metastasis. The intent is to prevent, in a specific manner, the expression of endothelial adhesion molecules. Among the approaches being studied include the selective expression, using inducible promoters target the expression of “anti-adhesive” proteins in endothelial cells. We are also developing non-viral means including nanoparticles of delivery to transduce endothelial proteins of interest. The approaches taken involve molecular biology as well as physiological monitoring in genetic mouse models. My laboratory’s more recent work has resulted in several key publications in J Clin Invest., Circ Res., Nature Immunol., and J Expt Med. 

Degree: PhD

Title: Distinguished Professor

College:  College of Medicine at Chicago

Department: Pharmacology

Program: Cancer Biology

Member Type:Research Member