Ardaman Shergill, MD, MSPH

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

College of Medicine at Chicago


Translational Oncology Program

Associate Member

Phone: 312-413-9254


Dr. Ardaman Shergill is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. She is a medical oncologist specializing in care of patients with head and neck, and lung cancers.

Dr. Shergill has a strong background in cellular and molecular biology and public health Epidemiology. Training in these fields, and further experience in clinic medicine and especially cancers of the head and neck area, have uniquely paved a path to further her career in cancer research.

In addition, she is interested in health care disparities as they related to head and neck cancer outcomes in particular. As a junior faculty member, she constantly seeks mentorship from colleagues who have similar interests and experience.

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