Dr. Andrew Dykens

I am currently participating in the International Research Scientist Award K01 mentored career development program to advance my skills in cancer prevention research. I am responsible for development, delivery, and execution of the cervical cancer screening peer education program in Kedougou Senegal, and centralized data collection, analysis, and dissemination of results. I have a unique combination of training in public health, medicine, and global cancer control and prevention research that is well-suited for the successful execution of the specific aims of this grant proposal. I am also participating in complementary research training in epidemiology, behavioral change and health promotion, biostatistics, and mixed methods and qualitative research during the K01 period to develop my research skills. In summary, I have demonstrated a successful start to my research career in global cervical cancer control epidemiology, prevention, and outcomes research, which has helped me to prepare and lead this proposed project. This critical foundation will be easily expanded to facilitate future population-level vaccination programs and will greatly facilitate opportunities to conduct larger epidemiologic studies to guide the specific targeting of high-risk HPV subtypes through vaccination programs. I would also welcome similar research in other West African countries or other low- and middle- income countries (LMICs) globally where there continues to be high cervical cancer incidence rates, nonexistent or inaccessible services, and gaps in understanding how to successfully and sustainably implement cervical cancer prevention services.

Degree: MPH, MD

Title: Assistant Professor

College:  College of Medicine at Chicago

Department: Family Medicine

Program: Cancer Prevention and Control

Member Type:Research Member

PubMed: link

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