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Translational Oncology Program (TO)

Alexander Adibekian, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC). He received his PhD from ETH Zürich, Switzerland, and conducted his postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Prof. Ben Cravatt at The Scripps Research Institute. Broadly speaking, his laboratory works at the interface of synthetic chemistry, biochemistry and proteomics. They aim to develop chemical tools and mass spectrometry-based platforms for chemoproteomics-enabled drug target identification and anticancer drug discovery, focusing specifically on proteins of high therapeutic promise for cancer treatment that are currently considered “undruggable.” He began his independent career at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. In November 2017, he relocated to Scripps Florida as a tenure-track Associate Professor. Following the takeover of Scripps Florida by the University of Florida in 2022, he joined the University of Illinois Chicago as a tenured Professor and LAS Endowed Chair. He has co-authored over 80 publications, including numerous publications in the Journal of the American Chemical Society and Nature sub-journals.

“At the heart of our research lies a commitment to developing innovative chemical tools and platforms that have the potential to transform the landscape of cancer treatment, focusing on unlocking the therapeutic promise of proteins once deemed ‘undruggable.’ Our goal is to bring hope and new possibilities to those battling this relentless disease.”

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