Patient Brigade Members

Candace Henley

Candace Henley is one of the Patient Brigade's Community Co-PI’s. She is a 16 year colon cancer survivor, diagnosed at a young age. She started the Blue Hat Foundation to spread awareness about colon cancer and to empower cancer survivors.

Joanne Glenn, RN, MBA

Joanne Glenn, RN, MBA is one of the Patient Brigade's Community Co-PI’s who founded the Women on Top of Their Game Foundation. She became a patient advocate when she saw the unmet needs her community had when it came to breast cancer patient care.

Carol Gyimatey

Carol Gyimatey is a two time breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2014 & 2018. She received all of her treatments at UIC. She feels that patients should have an active roll in their treatment, feel empowered and know that they are in charge of their medical care.

Tonya Roberson

Tonya Roberson is a patient advocate whose mother who is a 35 year breast cancer survivor. She wants to help publish manuscripts and attend local and national conferences speaking on behalf of the Cancer Center.

Phyllis Rodgers

Phyllis Rodgers is a colon cancer survivor. She founded the Peer Plus Education and Training Advocates. She would like to share information she learns to the communities that are un-derserved. Her hope is this will lead communities members becoming their own advocates.

Kimberly Richardson

Kimberly Richardson is a survivor of ovarian cancer diagnosed in 2013. She would like share her story with the community and be a bridge between the community and healthcare.

Ruth Pena

Ruth Pena is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2017. She received all of her treatments at UIC. She wants the opportunity to share her story with others and help those that are going through what she went through.

Rosemarie Rogers

Rosemarie Rogers is a breast cancer survivor. She is a patient advocate who would like to enhance her ability to communicate with researchers about the patient prospective in cancer research and care.

Elizabeth Rivera

Elizabeth Rivera is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2012. She wants to educate patients about their options in treatment and to represent those that are afraid to speak out about la ck of resources and equal treatment and help providers communicate more effectively with patients.

The Timothy Francis Jones Foundation

The Timothy Francis Jones Foundation hopes to foster a cultural change in the male mindset on what health care is. They want to spread the word that actions taken early can result in long-term health dividends. Their aim is to plant the seeds of health care early so it becomes the norm instead of the exception.

Russell Hopkins

Russell Hopkins is a Survivor of Colon Cancer and Lymphoma. He wants to promote the application of Neuro feedback in the medical setting. He would also like to work on efforts associated with incorporating the patient perspective in medical school education to facilitate patient centered care.

Maxica Williams

Maxica Williams is a breast cancer survivor who participated in clinical trials for treatment. She wants to be an example for clinical trials participation and encourage other cancer patients to be in control of their cancer journey.