Community Engagement and Health Equity (CEHE)

The University of Illinois Cancer Center’s (UI Cancer Center) Community Engagement and Health Equity Office (CEHE) is a unique community-centered office that engages communities within our catchment area and beyond to decrease cancer burden and increase cancer awareness and access to early detection and prevention. The CEHE team carefully investigates the needs of our community members and fosters services and research responsive to those needs. CEHE builds relationships with community partners, conducts best practices through patient navigation to increase access to cancer screening, disseminates project outcomes to UI Cancer Center programs, and advocates for policy changes that are responsive to the communities we serve. We utilize an integrated population health and health disparities framework to ensure that those outcomes inform UI Cancer Center programmatic research.

CEHE is a part of the Community Outreach and Engagement focus area that is composed of three areas: a community advisory board, catchment area experts and the CEHE office.

2020 Third Quarter Community Engagement Report

2019 Annual Report



Our office works to develop strategic community-academic partnerships to facilitate community engagement and project development, implementation, and dissemination of research. We are grateful for our active community partnerships. You can find the 2019 partnership list here.
Our team conducts best practices related to community-based cancer screening, prevention, education, and navigation relevant to the communities in the catchment population that we serve. We currently have screening and navigation programs for four cancer sites. We are also working on health systems intervention projects. You can learn more by reading The Latest Word from our Navigation Team!
Our office works to inform research priorities and development through community outreach and engagement collaborations and dissemination of findings to community stakeholders and researchers.
Our team works to identify, develop, and influence policy recommendations and advocacy efforts that are relevant to the catchment population, federally qualified health centers, community organizations, and other cancer care stakeholders. In order to demonstrate long term commitments to sustainable change that will help people live healthier lives, we focus on policy and advocacy efforts that promote: cancer prevention, diversity in research participation and access to quality care. A special acknowledgement to the 2019 Cancer Engagement Civic Leaders. Thank you for all you do in cancer care policy and advocacy!