Community Engaged Research and Implementation Science

The UI Cancer Center’s Office of Community Engaged Research and Implementation Science (OCERIS) is a unique population health program that employs an evidence-based approach to community engagement. The OCERIS team carefully investigates the needs of our community members and develops services based on those necessities. Patients are then navigated to those services to ensure positive health outcomes.

We are able to best serve the community by becoming a part of it. We do this by leading a strong network of internal and external strategic partnerships with local and national community and health organizations, non-profits, and public health administrations. These relationships offer a wealth of resources for medical and social support, financial and legal assistance, spiritual guidance, and in some cases, just another outlet for our patients to be surrounded by others like them, who are suffering from cancer. By collaborating with internal UIC departments, OCERIS is able to provide the most accurate collection of data to investigate each part of the community that is served. This translates to patients being aware of opportunities for clinical trials and access to cancer care that is so desperately needed.