Disease Teams

Disease teams are expected components of the protocol review and monitoring system within NCI-designated cancer centers.  Their function is to ensure cancer-related, hypothesis driven, patient-oriented clinical research studies are vetted for: (1) appropriateness given the UICC patient population and the current study portfolio (i.e., to ensure no overlapping studies), (2) clinical operational feasibility for activation and implementation, and (3) meeting UICC’s clinical research priorities.  Disease teams are also responsible for continuous evaluation of low accruing studies to determine the potential for closure.  At UIC, all cancer-related, hypothesis-driven, patient-oriented clinical research studies conducted by the UICC must be reviewed and approved by an appropriate disease team, or the CTO Medical Director should an applicable disease team not be constituted, prior to Protocol Review Committee (PRC) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) review.

For more information about UICC Disease Teams, see the UICC Disease Team Policy. For more information about the UICC protocol review and monitoring system, please click here.

The membership composition and meeting schedule for UICC Disease Teams are available here.