Back to Care, Back to School at Mile Square Health Center

UI Cancer Center Associate Director for Community Outreach and Engagement, Karriem Watson, is helping lead efforts to support our cancer patients and community members by offering back to school physical exams at Mile Square’ during these times of uncertainty facing schools.

At this time of the year, there’s usually an exciting buzz in the air as students get ready to return to school. This year, things are uncertain as schools and families work to determine if virtual, in-person or hybrid education is the most effective model for them this fall. Many worry that educational disparities will only widen the gap between our communities. Families may be struggling to assess the impact of the pandemic, physical distancing and impact of separation from peers while trying to quell fears of their children who may be frightened to return to school.

Mile Square clinics want to make it easier for families by helping to streamline children’s annual physicals. Mile Square Health Center – Englewood also offers behavioral health programs and will be hosting special clinics on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays in August and September to help make the process of getting children ready for school a bit easier. To start, telehealth outreach has been ramped up and parents can expect to receive phone calls so they are aware of any screenings and vaccines their children may need. As a cancer center partner, preventative vaccines like HPV are especially important because of the link between HPV and cervical and head and neck cancers.

Mile Square clinics have taken extra care to ensure they can offer a safe environment for families, including making sure families spend minimal time in the waiting room and that appropriate social distancing guidelines are implemented. 

Dale Benton, MS, FNP, Site Medical Director at Mile Square Englewood wants to help. There is so much uncertainty right now and the goal of their program is to focus on things parents can control, like regular physicals and supporting their children’s mental health needs. Mr. Benton will be the special guest on this monthly segment on WVON on August 2, to discuss the Back to Care Back to School efforts happening at Mile Square clinics. 

Mr. Benton will join Dr. Karriem Watson, DHS, MS, MPH Associate Director Mile Square Health Center and Dr. Terry Mason, along with guests from Village Leadership Academy. These experts will discuss challenges parents and youth face in preparing for back to school, either in-person or virtual.

The Village Leadership Academy is a kindergarten-8th grade school in Chicago which prioritizes social justice, critical thinking and global awareness as they aim to prepare tomorrow’s world leaders today.

Tune in to WVON August 2, from 10-11
Back to School Back to Care
Guests Mr. Dale Benton and guests from Village Leadership Academy 

Listen live here

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